The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

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The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a term used to describe the use of exercises in a pool as part of treatment.  Hydrotherapy is typically completed in a warm water pool, however, I commonly treat clients who make use of their public pools and home pools which are not heated. The benefit of being able to submerge and move in warm water is its thermogenic (heating) effects on our muscles, nerves and joints. This can assist with desensitising aggravated nerve conditions including sciatica, easing aches and pains like that with arthritic conditions or stubborn back pain, encouraging movement of stiff joints for example after surgery and ultimately allowing the body to move in ways which it is unable to on land. Water based therapy is appropriate and assistive to most conditions.

I see clients frequently through the week where I am able to join them in the pool to complete their Physiotherapy session, most commonly in their home pool or at a public pool as opposed to a specific hydrotherapy centre. Many of my clients use hydrotherapy when general exercise or movement is too difficult due to pain, weakness injury or when limited by neurological conditions.

Injuries and Pain Management

Each week I have the pleasure of assisting a lovely 92 year old gentleman complete his therapy in his home pool. He has Parkinson’s Disease as well as long standing back pain and a right shoulder injury from shrapnel in the War. Together, we work through a series of movements in the water which assist him to improve his leg strength, shoulder strength and balance whilst relaxing and relieving his back pain. As a result of the buoyancy of the water, he is able to safely and easily complete movements that he would not be able to on land and work muscles that he would be unable to do so otherwise. He has seen improvements in his walking and ability to move in and out of the car as well as a reduction in his back pain.

Funding For Veterans

As a Veteran, he has been able to access Physiotherapy services through a consultation with his Doctor (GP) who then provided a referral to us. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) Cardholders are able to access Hydrotherapy services through the same process. Individual sessions or group sessions can be arranged for DVA Cardholders of similar abilities. These sessions are supported by DVA and fully funded.


Allied Connect offer pool based sessions throughout the regions of the Gold Coast and Scenic Rim. Some of these include (but not limited to) :

  • Palm Beach Aquatic Centre
  • Southport Aquatic Centre
  • Nerang Aquatic Centre
  • Beaudesert Public Pool
  • Boonah Hydrotherapy Pool

Pool based therapy can also be completed in our client’s home pool providing access is appropriate and safe.


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